The single most surprising thing about the last decade, to me, is how polarised public debate has become. It’s almost physical, as if there’s a law of magnetism in public spaces that demands I be either attracted to or repulsed by any given statement.

I find it deeply distressing. I’ve…

Here’s an unordered list of things I’ve learned on the job:

  • the names and descriptions of hundreds of single malts, as a barmaid for a famous Scottish golf course (since forgotten)
  • that my skin is too dry to wash dishes 8hrs a day without developing painful eczema, learned as a…

Image of a green road sign with “rejection just ahead” written on it in bold white lettering. Stormy clouds are in the sky.

Hewlett Packard once conducted a study that concluded that women only apply for a job when they meet 100% of the criteria for it, though men will put their applications in at just 60%. Numerous studies have confirmed that pattern since.

So chances are that — if you’re a woman…

This morning I woke feeling a little resentful that it was Monday. Reflecting while making a morning brew, I realised this is a good thing for me.

The feeling isn’t anything as strong as dread. It’s more like a petulant toddler pouting and saying “I don’t want to” or “it’s…

An old picture of an all-male, all-white board.
You may not have an all-male, all-white board any more, but the job is far from done and you can’t just hand it to your HR team or EDI lead. Not if you’re sincere about wanting to drive broad-based change.

I’m seeing too few organisations seizing opportunities to address equity and inclusion beyond the basic representation question. Thousands of tiny decisions made within your organisation affect equity and inclusion for your staff, your partners, your users, and over longer timescales, for your industry and society. …

Newspaper Mock-up

I’ve been coaching on and off since I got accredited back in 2007. In that time, one of my favourite coaching exercises to run has been the “future retrospective”. I’ve found it equally effective with executive teams as I have with individual coachees.

The first step is getting them to…

Big skies and small children

No-one is indispensible. And now that we’ve got a great team in place, the contribution of each of us individually is a lot less important. That’s not a bad thing: it means increased resilience, a more sustainable pace, and ultimately a more impactful programme of work. …

Every morning I wake to find myself lying on the sand. Every morning I rise and walk into the water.

Some days I’m equipped and get a thrill from the exhilaration of surfing the waves on a board. Other days I grab some driftwood floating past – giving me something to hold onto, to keep me afloat while I doggy-paddle. On the worst days I struggle to keep my head above the water, feeling overwhelmed and pulled down by a riptide.

Each day I’ve made it back to the shore at some point that evening, collapsing exhausted on the beach. I close my eyes and relive the day in a fitful sleep.

Then the cycle begins again.

Audree Fletcher

Leader — digital/product/service design/research/strategy — and mother

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