Letter to my future bosses

  • signalling clearly to their whole organisation that misogyny and racism are unacceptable
  • being challenged by me when the things that they say or do, in public or private, are the wrong side of the line — and committing to working on themselves to address it
  • calling out misogynist and racist language and behaviour in their teams — in real time, consistently, so that others feel increasingly comfortable calling it out too. I will be the first to challenge leadership on this — so you’ll need to have my back.
  • taking grievances very seriously. That means CONSEQUENCES. Not promotion. Not simply moving them to another role, for them to crush another poor soul. I want to see a difference in behaviour, or I want to see their departure. Growing and nurturing a culture of inclusion and psychological safety in your organisation may well mean a visit to a tribunal or two by aggrieved bullies. Don’t shirk that responsibility.




Leader — digital/product/service design/research/strategy — and mother

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Audree Fletcher

Audree Fletcher

Leader — digital/product/service design/research/strategy — and mother

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